The Fetcher Fletcher Barnes

The Fetcher Fletcher Barnes

Available May 1st on Kindle.
Other e-readers and physical book available mid-May.

Written by Tim Northburg
Illustrated by Cael Johnson

A Middle-Grade Crossover Novel / Graphic Novel


A young slave, forced to search for unknown artifacts, discovers one that leads him on a journey with a shape-shifting wolf. Together, they must recover the remaining artifacts to free his people from slavery and overthrow those in power. 

The Fetcher Fletcher Barnes novel/graphic novel is an exciting and thrilling adventure for kids and adults alike. This book is perfect for middle-grade readers who are 8 to 10 years old as well as anyone who enjoys adventure fantasy stories.

The book features short chapters that are easy to read and will keep kids engaged. The addition of graphic images between each chapter will appeal to those who like visual storytelling and provide a break from reading.

The story follows the adventures of Fetcher Fletcher Barnes, a young hero on a quest to save his world from evil forces. Along the way, he faces many challenges and meets a cast of fascinating characters.

Get ready for an exciting journey full of mystery, magic, and adventure with The Fetcher Fletcher Barnes novel/graphic novel. Stay tuned for more updates on the launch and what's coming in the near future!