Bring a Joyful Spirit to Your Life


Otterocity is a story of self discovery during the recession of 2009 to the current day. Meet 38 year old Cory Sameulson. He is just like you, or me. He is a top executive at an advertising agency. He has been married for 13 years, has three beautiful children, and a bulldog who loves him unconditionally. Cory has a strong, charismatic, personality and a great support base of friends and family. In the course of two years, wave after wave comes crashing in on him. During the recent economic downturn, Cory loses his best friend and business partner, his career is in shambles, his family life is strained, and he is on the brink of financial ruin. Cory’s struggle is not unique. It is not unusual, and there are those who are in a far worse place than him. However, in his time of struggle Cory learns life lessons from the most unusual animal, a Sea Otter named Lizzie and a Sea Captain named Old One Eye. It is this new found inspiration that changes his thinking, morphs his beliefs, and sets him on a personal journey to get his life back in order.